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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1.5 Lakhs Vacant Post of Bihar Govt. will fill up in 2010

There are more then 1.5 lakhs (1,50,000) seats are vacant in Bihar Government Job. Bihar Government has announced that all 1.5 lakh vacant post will be fill up in year 2010. No regular appointment has been done in Bihar for class 1 to class 4th grade job since long time. Most seats are vacant in clerical grade and class 3 grade. Bihar Government has decided to fill up all vacant posts very soon.
But we should not believe on the announcement till Government publish the advertisement for all vacant seats. We know that general election for Bihar Vidhan Sabha is in 2010. So, if Government has recruit all vacant post till June 2010 then we will understand that Bihar Government is conscious about educated youth unemployed of Bihar, otherwise all announcement will be false dream for public in view of elections.


Shailendra said...

The above vacant post are on old population and requirement based. If government wants development in real then they should revise the requirement of sanctioned post in each categories. Bihar need more then 5 lakhs govt. employee for implementation of all welfare program in rural and urban area of Bihar.

Manish Sinha said...

This is fake propaganda of Bihar Government in view in nearby election in Bihar in December 2010. If Bihar Govt. wanted then it could be recruit all vacant seats in earlier when present ruler party came in Govt of Bihar. Now we (Unemployed Youth) understand all fake promises of this government and we understand also that Govt. rule is not become possible by this ruling party.