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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Download Solved Answer Paper of Bihar Secretariat Assistant Exam 2012

The exam of 1st graduate level combined exam has been conducted on 18. 112.11. Total 150 question has
been asked. Some question were wrong. Here is some questions with answer.

(1)  Takshila was situated between following river
(2) Which commission has been established just after constitution rule in India - Election Commission
(3) National flag of India has been adopted on - 24 July 1947
(4) National anthem has been sung first on - 1910
(5) If 10 persons handshake with each another then how many times hand will meet - 45
(6) Which is not member of ASEAN (This question was wrong because two given countries were not the member of ASEAN - Burj Darusslam and Bangladesh)
(7) Novel "Aanad Math" is based on - Sanyasi Revolt
(8) Kumar Banerjee is chief of - National Nuclear Commission
(9) H.R. Bhardwaj is Governer of - Karnataka
(10) Commonwealth Game 2014 will be held in - Scotland